Selected Projects

Fractures: Creating Around Devastation, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Fractures: Creating Around Devastation featured artists, scholars, and policymakers in a two-day symposium centering ideas of ecofeminism, architecture, and water. Knowing that each of these areas touches all of our individual lives, voices in this symposium help understand how these urgencies are interconnected, and how creativity helps us imagine a future around devastating situations.

View the sessions: 

Collective Contours: Ann Lui and Angela Tillges

Fluid Fractures: Policy Language Problematics with Mari Margil and Jeremy Kagan

Sound and Language Landscapes with Elisa Harkins, Quese IMC, and Monique Verdin

Resisting Destruction/Constructive Actions with Shanai Matteson and Winona LaDuke

Each session featured a musical performance interlude presented by LAMPO